Our Ethos


Mission Statement

Quality not Quantity

We believe in providing quality care at Storytime. We strive to provide a comfortable, safe and familiar environment. We want our children to be happy and enjoy their time with us, growing at their own pace.

We achieve this by;

  • Having a happy, small closely-knit staff team, who are experienced and passionate about what they do
  • Providing a calm relaxed learning environment which gives opportunity for our children to flourish in their own way
  • Recognising that every child has their own strengths, their own curiosity and their own mind
  • Promoting choice and encouraging children to choose what they want to do
  • Incorporating learning in the activities we run and encouraging the children in every way
  • Achieving the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) in preparation for school

We have a great relationship with our parents, so this helps us to share any experiences with them that they might encounter with their little ones. We are open to any suggestions and actively encourage parents input.

In summary, we aim to have a happy team that allows an environment that sustains happy children and  happy parents too!


Lisa Dancox

Nursery Manager